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As investigators of the Paranormal we have seen a lot and also experienced a lot.  Its our desire for the Truth and Proof of the Unknown that we do what we do. We arent afraid to ask the questions and get our hands dirty. We also know that we arent the only investigators that are “Boots on the Ground” and we will do our best to highlight these very talented people and teams. Yes; we will have some rather important people coming into the BTR rabbit hole but our main goal is to introduce you to “Tomorrows Paranormal Celebrities Today”. So come along for the ride. you can catch the Beyond the Realm show on the Paranormal U.K. Radio Network. And because we want YOU to participate in all that we are doing then you can Join us in Chat (  BTR Chat ) or ask your own questions of the guests using our submit a question form.

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January 2017
Air Date: 1/26/17
Guest: Frank Santariga

February 2017
Air Date: 2/23/17
Guest: Sullivan Paranormal Society (SPS)