On July 5, 2017 Al Santariga & Bryan Bowden of the BPS team did a preliminary investigation at an undisclosed location for the City of Yonkers.

We started on the top floor where we received a high EMF reading.  When the ghost radar and the phonetic generator were being operated, the (GR) showed an entity following the team while the (PG) began saying all types of words. At one point, it felt as though we were being followed. We immediately turned around and ran towards the entity.  It was following us and at one point and out of the blue, we heard a loud crash in one of the aisles and when we went back to see what had fallen, we discovered nothing out of place.  We took photos and performed EVP but captured blank.  This room has had numerous reports of a dark figure in it. This figure seems to harass and scare the employees that venture in there to work.

From there I went to the second floor to investigate immediately and when entering this room, I became dizzy, weak and had a metallic taste in my mouth. I asked our guide how she was feeling and she told me that she had the same symptoms as I did. At that point, I felt as though I was being touched by a child.  Again I took photos, EVP’s, broke out the (PG), (GR) and the EMF meter.  Nothing appeared in any of the photos.  The EMF was through the roof.  The (GR) said we had company and again the (PG) began speaking uncontrollably.  This room has had reports of a lost child in it as well as the image of a child being seen by the building’s employees. When the employees attempt to help the child, the child disappears right in front of their eyes.

As we moved on, we were taken to a back hallway where one of the employees sees an echo plasm figure waiting for her every morning when she arrives to work. This woman has to walk through this entity every day and when she does, she feels disoriented as though her feet are not touching the ground while she’s walking. Once again we went through our Standard operating procedures not capturing anything on most of our equipment except for one EVP that sounds like a group of young girls playing jump rope.

Moving along we entered the kitchen area again where we went through our (SOP).

No EMF in this room but I did capture an EVP that either answered yes to my question: “is your name Anne or no, not sure at this time?” We had to enhance the volume and clean up the background noise again because the (GR) revealed that we had company.  The (PG) began spitting out words uncontrollably. This room has had reports of a woman in period clothing cleaning, however, when the building maintenance men go into investigate, she disappears right in front of their eyes! (Bryan Bowden’s report to follow)