July 3, 2017

Al Santariga and Bryan Bowden of the BPS team received a call from a man who we will refer to as “Jim” in an undisclosed location of Northern New Jersey.

Jim went on to tell us that while hiking the Appalachian Trail located across the street from his home, he, his wife and their dog where harassed by an angry Sasquatch. The creature immediately began to throw rocks as he was following them home and he also was violently screaming at them for a full half hour.

July 11, 2017

Al Santariga and Bryan Bowden traveled to Northern NJ to investigate Jim’s claims.

They met Jim at his home situated in a very rural location up in the mountains of Northern NJ.  The area was very Squatchy to say the least. Jim took us on the Appalachian Trail where he and his wife had this mysterious encounter.

Upon our investigation, we found Sasquatch tracks that looked to be at least 15 inches long and 7 inches wide but unfortunately, they were not deep enough to cast.  As we were moving along, I was being drawn to a location that had very dense foliage which gave me no choice but to cut my way through with a machete.  I immediately felt that we had found a Sasquatch nursery.

To my surprise, there seemed to be another one on the other side of the trail; two nurseries at one point on the trail are very unusual to say the least.

We did some reconnaissance and found that on the east side of the trail there was a farm with a cornfield and apple orchard and on the west side of the trail there was a swamp along with wild black berry bushes.

We filmed the entire time that we were there with 4 Go Pros operating simultaneously but we didn’t seem to capture creatures although we all felt as  though we were being watched the whole time we were there.

Our investigation was a successful one because we took some great photos of the Sasquatch structures that we found on July 11, 2017.

Bryan Bowden’s report will follow along with the photographs.