Our motto has always been: 

“If you’re going to go; you better go big! ”

As such, We’re going to do something new with the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS and all of our investigations. And let me tell you it’s huge!

We never liked leaving any stone unturned or any question unanswered. Input from all sources is critical to any successfull investigation; and specially in providing successful results. That is why We’re going to our fans, friends and everyone else that watches our videos and listens to our audio and has been following the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS investigations. We want each of you to take part in the investigation. So if you ever wanted to be an investigator you ever want to get into the field of paranormal this is a great way to start. We are calling it our E-Team!

Here we go…

From this point forward the Bronxville Paranormal Society BBS will be posting all raw video, audio, and any footage and evidence that we have collected on every and all of our investigations. We will be posting each one of these pieces of evidence not only to our website, but to each of our social media outlets and pages like YouTube.com, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few. Just look for our symbol for raw footage (as seen below) and you’ll know that is your chance to get involved. 

This will allow everyone who views it to take part in the investigation by looking for anything out of the ordinary. There’s nothing like having boots on the ground or another pair of eye and ears. 

Make sure you keep detailed notes (filename, time code…) as you review our evidence; And If you do find something – all we ask is that you contact us either by leave us a comment in the video/audio section or contact us by going to www.BronxvilleParanormalSociety.com and filling out our contact form. 

You’re not only going to help us, but you are going to be helping everyone who investigates the Paranormal. Your help will let all who investigating the paranormal know that there’s a plethora of people that can help an investigation. 

Well that’s it. Told you it was going to be big. We want to thank each and everyone of you in advance for your support and help. And we hope you enjoy being part of our E-Team. We couldn’t do this without you and we really do appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you, God bless, and have a happy holiday season. Happy Hunting.


REMEMBER: if you see something – say something on the BPS Hotline