Coming this November 12, 2016; Al Santariga and Bryan Bowden, of the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS, have been invited out for a Day and Night Bigfoot and Dogman expedition, and investigation, by The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley. 

Gayle and Deborah, of the the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, have had a tremendous amount of success throughout the years. Their are hard work and determination in researching these creatures has yielded them an abundance of undeniable physical evidence, from castings to scat and media. And, they are determined to set the record straight on these elusive creatures. 

They asked the BPS to join them as they Will be investigating a few of their “hotspots” in Dutchess County New York. It should make for a very interesting experience for all. 
Report to follow!


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