Wednesday August 1, 2016 I headed over to the monthly UFO Roundtable meeting. I was at the point early in that if we are going to rehash the same old stories over and over then I’m going to leave early. As the meeting went on the atmosphere seemed to get more intense as topics of discussion solicited responses that got heated and personality conflicts bloomed. Things settled down a bit and Paul discussed that he was going to end the UFORT meeting early so we could head over to Hastings for a CE5. At this point I was not sure I would continue on. The thought of going home was strong. 
The meeting ended and I was aiming to go home. Paul and several others asked me if I was going. I said yes and headed over to Hastings. 

The drive allowed me to discuss the meeting with Al and cool off. I arrived at the Hastings library in about 15 minutes. Parked the car and headed over to the circle. 

The stone circle is located just outside the Hastings library. It has no street lights so it provides enough darkness and it overlooks the southern Hudson River.

 I proceeded in and moved over to the right side. Most of the UFORT attendees showed. Paul was waiting on Julio to show up because he has the Dr. Greer app that he uses for guided meditation. I’m not a fan of the good Dr. But many in this group are and they subscribe to his teachings and techniques. I find the guided audio rather disturbing and counter productive. Not only is it not necessary for meditation but it shouldn’t be used because it actually prevents you from getting into a meditate state with the constant interruption of Dr Greer’s voice commands. Frankly, the only thing worth its salt on the app is the tones from crop circles. So, in order to get into a meditative state, I started using my own audio player to use the Binaural Beats Theta waves meditation program. 

When I’m using the Theta wave meditation program I get this really weird sound in my right ear bud. I first hear what sounds like a little growling. Then I hear what sounds like someone speaking or saying something in a foreign language. I stop my meditation to look in the direction of the sounds thinking that some one on the left is saying something to me. But there is no one talking. I continue with the program only to hear the talking again. I recheck my surroundings and find nothing. I go back to the program and I mentally asked the beings / or whoever, to come make their presence known as these people want to see you. Tell me what direction you’re coming from. I get the vibe that they’re coming from the GW bridge location towards us or that’s the direction where they are. Eventually they will be over our heads directly above us. The craft would be round and in the center I see a circle with a diamond in the middle of the Metallic gray craft. 

I stop my meditation and start looking around. I use several star apps to get my bearings and know what objects are in the night sky. You see some craft flying in the air that’s normal air traffic. Julio is pointing out his fleet in the night sky. I inform him that he’s pointing to Mars in the constellation of Scorpio. 

I move on from Julio and scan away. We are around an hour in and I’m not seeing anything special. The group starts braking into smaller groups of discussion. I retreat to the right side of the circle and start a conversation with Danny. Bernard comes over and let’s me know he saw something but couldn’t determine if it was an object or a satellite. I go to my star apps and we find that it is a satellite. All the while I’m scanning the sky.  

Eventually Paul heads over and starts discussing the night and CE5 with me and Bernard. I have Danny on my right and on my left is Paul and then Bernard. I am watching the skies. Just above my horizon line, facing the GW Bridge area. in the area left of the Mars location, something that looked like it moved catches my attention. I take out the green laser I brought and say I just saw something move over there.

 I point to the area and then start making a couple of circles about three or four with the laser. Once I finished making the circles and Bernard, Paul and Danny are focused in that direction, we get what looks like a pinpoint star appearing and immediately is followed by a bright white light burst (the light had a slight red ring around it), that stops and then goes away. 
I see movement to the right of its location. Each of us asked out loud “did you see that?”. We all agree that we saw something. I rehash what I saw and where it was. Again, using the lazer I make the circles but this time in the area where I watched it move. Within a second we get a pinpoint star appearing and immediately is followed by a bright white light burst (the light had a slight red ring around it). It looks as if a lightbulb is been turned on in three steps 1,2,3 – from a pin to bigger and brighter and then again bigger and brighter it takes maybe a second as if I’m being flashed back. I try it one more time with the laser make the circles and then I make like Morse code. One more time I get a pinpoint star appearing and immediately is followed by a bright white light burst (the light had a slight red ring around it). This time I see out of the left corner of my eye something in the sky. Bernard says that he just saw it move to the left. I continue focusing on the area we got the interaction. At this point Paul calls over Carolyn and tell her what we just saw. I use the laser to point out the area. I try to replicate everything I did for the three interaction we all witnessed. Using the laser again to create the circles and morse code. But to all of out dismay nothing ever happens again. No more responses to the laser. It’s gone. 
We all start discussing what we just witnessed. I go through my detective / debunk mode and try to think of other possibilities for the light. Where it was in the night sky is not an area that saw air traffic. Had it been closer to out location I could dismiss it as a helicopter with its spot on. I’v seen that before. But this was way too high up to be a helicopter with a spotlight. And the light was progressively getting brighter even though it took only a second to happen. It was the sickest thing I’ve seen in a long long time. I cannot believe that I (we) had an interaction with something in the night sky.