The Pine Bush Symposium went off without a hitch. The Paranormal Center was standing room only. At one point I began to get stage fright but managed to work through it. We spoke for two hours and probably could have talked for three. We had two great articles written about the BPS team; one prior and one post the UFO Fair. We ended up doing two investigations that day. The first investigation was in a 200 year old building and the second took place in a 100 year old Victorian mansion.


In the first investigation of the 200 year old building, we picked up EMF in the strangest places like a 100 year old piano and old wooden desks which had no electricity running through them. While upstairs the ghost app captured entities all around us. We captured intelligent responses to our questions on the phonetic generator. We called our psychic Cindy and she said that there were many types of spirits there because it used to be a music hall and the spirits enjoyed being there. I captured two anomalies that were debunked later as a double reflection and a refraction. We had a psychic on the tour with us and she said that she saw a nurse washing blood off hers hands in the upstairs bathroom. I interviewed a women who worked downstairs in the pizzeria who told me while working one day she saw the salt shaker move from one side of a table to the other as if someone pulled it across to use it. All in all it turned out to be very enjoyable investigation.

That evening we also investigated a 100 year-old Victorian Mansion. I spoke with Linda Zimmerman earlier in the day about her investigation there. She asked me to call her after we were done with our investigation and then we could talk. We had all types of electronic problems that night. Our walkie talkies wouldn’t work regardless of the channels we tried. We couldn’t get our psychic Cindy on the phone. While upstairs on the 3rd floor I captured a shadow figure in the abortion room on my IR camcorder. While on the phone with Pat Daniels Radio Show live my camcorder kept turning off by an invisible force the whole night. Bryan captured orbs leaving the poolroom after we heard a loud bang in it. We heard this bang on three separate occasions. We heard what sounded like the pool balls being broken as if to start a game. Bryan also capture an EVP in the mirror room saying (past them now) while Paul captured a red orb in there as well. Paul captured orbs throughout the entire house. Charlie, who was our guest for the evening, ghost app was showing all kinds of entities in the room with the fireplace and his phonetic generator was getting intelligent responses to his questions. His report is to follow.

I believe that the investigation was a great success. We are still going through all of the video and digital evidence at this time. I contacted Linda Zimmerman after our investigation of the Victorian Mansion per her request. She told me that she had all kinds of problems with her electronics, she and her psychic were pushed from behind and her camcorder kept being turned off the entire time by some invisible force during her investigation there.