The name of our client has been changed to protect her identity.

On 3-14-16 I was approached by my friend Sheryl regarding a UFO sighting she had experienced on 3-12-16 while driving home on Interstate 84 East approaching the Lime Kill exit.

She saw what she thought was a small plane about to crash. She explained that the craft was leaning to the right and had 5 white lights with 1 red light in the middle of the cluster of lights. As she began to turn right to get off at the exit it looked as though the plane had righted itself and leveled off. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, at the end of the exit, the “plane” did something unexpected. All of the white lights lined up in a straight line and the red light turned white and got into line with the others. Then the lights stopped over the houses on the other side of the road from her as if they were just parked there. She said they were about 100 feet, above the tree line. She felt as if they were watching her. She then went on to tell me about an experience she had around the age or 8 or 9 years old. She said she used to see lights in the night sky all the time but as she matured she stopped seeing them. She also explained to me that she doesn’t believe in anything paranormal or supernatural. I asked her if she thought they were there for her to see. She said that she didn’t know. I checked to see if any sightings were reported that night to any of the local airports, but was told nothing was reported.