Well, the Jersey Shore is a strange place filled with a plethora of the strange and unusual. From every shape and size to the “Bridge and Tunnel” crews that come in and pump up the New Jersey economy while themselves being rather pumped as well – you can find it at the shore. Hot Cars, Hotties, Hard Bodies and of course the crew from the Jersey Shore [lord help us]. But this past August 19, 2012 I (and my Mrs.) witnessed and captured on Video and Digital image what I would call a Unidentified Flying Object ( a.k.a. U.F.O.).

I don’t recall the time but we were hanging out in the back of a family members house when I just looked up as something caught my eye. It was black and rather high up but it seemed to be: (1) Moving around and (2) changing its shape and size.

In the video above I tried to capture the black object but the camera I was using is not the best for video (and especially zooming in) and the object was so high up (and it seemed to disappear every once in a while) that it was hard to track it. One thing you hear in the video is the conversation taking place between me and my wife. She said it was “Balloons” or a “Plastic Bag”. Well, it is very plausible that it could have been these items but I would suggest that they both could be debunked and I will state how.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTFZT3d9jE

UFO New Jersey Shore on 8/19/2012


Balloons, when released into the air (especially very close to the shore / coast) will travel rather fast and in a constant direction. Even when they reach an event horizon as far as, their inflation gas, they still with move. further, they will eventually “pop” and then disappear as they fall to the earth. The object in the sky was moving but it was also maintaining its location. As if it was purposely hovering in an area for a reason.


Plastic bags do fly when presented with enough wind. And the New Jersey Shore would offer that wind but the fact remains that, unless the bag has some formation of shape within, it will only travel so high up and so far. In my video you can see that the height of this object is consistent with balloons but is also way too high for a plastic back to last as long as this object has. And, this object that I caught is rather large in size to be seen so high up, which would mean that the Plastic bag would most likely have to be the size of a bus.


This object was a U.F.O. I am not claiming it to be from another planet or controlled by extraterrestrials but it was strange and unknown. It also did help to lend support to the U.F.O. theory, when we had a few Fighter jets do several passes in the area as the same time the object was in the air. The strange part was that when the jets were getting close to where the object was being seen by me, it would disappear just as the jets flew over and then reappear when they had left the area?

Finally, when I got home and was able to do a Zoom in to the object I discovered that there seemed to be form to the object. It was similar form to other U.F.O. photographed that I have seen in the past (Bell Shape and Triangle shape). Also, If you look at the picture below with the object shown zoomed in, then you can see that it does look like this object has a Top and Bottom to it; as well, as some sort of field (distortion) emanating from the bottom of the object.


Either way, it was cool to see. You take a look and judge for yourself. I only wish that I had better equipment to capture definitive proof of either U.F.O., Balloon, Bag or whatever?