I ran into our former client (Lee)  at a party of a mutual friends house  recently. I asked her how everything was at her condo. She was happy to say that she no longer has dark dreams. or sees orbs, & that her dog no longer sits in the corner and barks for no reason. I asked her if she has continued to be vigilant with her white prayers the sage,blessed candle, & holy water. She went on to say once a month like clock work. I told her to keep up the good work & to call me if she ran into any trouble. Then she went on to tell me a funny story about a purchase that she almost made on Halloween. She was about to buy Halloween stickers for her house. With out really paying attention to what they were but when she reached  the check out counter she noticed that they were all Gnomes or Leprechauns. At that point she decided to not purchase them since we had just gotten rid of them from her house. LOL