I was forwarded a link to the following YouTube video ‘Bigfoot Encounter – Bigfoot Shot – Exclusive! Never Told Until Now!’

[ http://youtu.be/uYPMU5wEcvw ]

by a very good friend and fellow researchers; with the message that “my guts telling me this is the real deal – has credibility”. The video was Published on Oct 9, 2013 by the Crypto Crew. It is a phone interview with a man who encountered 2 bigfoot and shot one of them.

Now, when you hear that someone shot Bigfoot, if the warning sirens don’t go off, then you might want to get some help.

My siren was screaming but I put in the ear buds and started to listen.

The first thing I noticed was the stress and emotions in the mans voice. There was genuine trauma and especially remorse in the mans voice and I had the gut feeling that everything this man is talking about is 100% real as experienced! What validate it even more was the pinpointed description of the Animal and locations. I have found that when most individuals are fabricating – they tend to underestimate on the size and weight of the Animal. They don’t call them “fish stories” for nothing. But this person was giving specifics without a doubt and I smelt no fish!

I’m not going into details about the hour and fifteen minute interview. You can listen at your own leisure. But I have to tell you, this event made me think; and my emotions were in over drive. “What would I do?” And “how would I feel if I had just put a round dead center mass in an Animal that, for all intents and purposes, is rather Humanistic in Appearance? I came to the conclusion that if I were in his shoes and felt threatened (we are talking about one Animal which is 5’7” around 500 pounds and another that is in the range of 9 to 10 feet tall, weighing in around 900 pounds) then I’d would have shot as well. And even if I was justified for pure life threatening possibility – I’d feel like crap! I would have just killed something “Humanish”.

Ultimately, it brought back theories I have about this Animal. I always wondered why not one person has caught a definitive image capture of this Animal given all of the thousands of Trail Cameras that litter the woods? And their are few solutions to this question, one of which is that this Animals does not exist. But I believe this animal does exist and my person theory is that it is primarily nocturnal and as such it has an incredible ability to see in a pitch black landscape.

“As this light is reflected off the tapetum, the animal’s eyes appear to glow. So, although nocturnal animals see mostly crude shapes, outlines and no color, by maximizing their sensitivity to low light levels with the above adaptations, it is enough for them to hunt, feed and survive in the dark of night.”

This would explain why some report Bigfoots with glowing eyes. As such, it would go to also assume that it not only can see in the dark but it also can see anomalies that take place in the dark, such as the light given off by the IR LEDs. Yes, it see the IR from the trail camera (no mater steady stream or just a blipping) and its afraid to get close to it for fear of injuries. It avoids it like the plague and Hence, no pictures!

But, from listening to the interview, the shooter describes the eyes as being “all brown with no whites”. He continues by saying he thinks he “see a membrane move by the Animals eyes”. Well, I’m of the belief that this membrane could very well be in place so that the Animal can roam during light hours. It acts as a natural sunglasses and prevents “whiteout” or blindness that should occur to any light sensitivity animal (think about trying to use a night vision scope in daylight – you would get instant blindness due to the optics whiting out). When the animal goes out in the sunlight, the membranes activate; and when it goes out at night, the membranes retreat and the wide pupils open to allow for nocturnal environments.

“Some nocturnal animals also have eyes that have a reflective membrane called the tapetum lucidum . This membrane helps to conserve light within the eye by reflecting it on the retina before it escapes out of the eye. This allows these animals to have augmented vision in the dark. The shine or glow in the eyes of these animals, such as cats, dogs and deer when light hits their eyes in the dark, is a result of the tapetum lucidum.”

There are many animals in the wild that use membranes in a variety of situations (many such are in the Lemure family), so Bigfoot having one isn’t too much of a stretch.

Another question I have always had and is never addressed is: “Why is the government covering up the existence of this Animal?” What’s the purpose? There seems to be zero need in the coverup. There are plenty of Animals that exists that are yet to be found (only sightings of) and they aren’t covered up. So why Bigfoot?

The only conclusion I can come to for this coverup is that there is a bigger connection between Bigfoots and “X”, “Y”, and “Z”. For a few years now there are people who claim a connection between Bigfoots and aliens. That would be a great reason for the cover up. The government wouldn’t want their little secrets reviled to anyone, let alone the world. And if this Animal plays a crucial roll in the Extraterrestrial life-cycle, I know that it’s value would be greater than all the riches in China. But for the record, I don’t believe that there is this connection. Current evidence doesn’t prove any connections between the two. So now we are back to the WHY? We still don’t know what But WHAT “X”, “Y”, and “Z is or if it will ever be reviled. Maybe there is something bigger; Only time will tell?