About 25 yrs ago my wife and I went to Untermyer Park for a picnic. It was a bright sunny day. She asked me to show her the caves and the carriage house located in the park. As we started down the back steps it became dark and windy. Half way down the steps we felt a rush of wind blow by us and heard the sound of wings. We both stopped and looked at the center of the aqueduct. We couldn’t see anything but we both felt the presence of evil. With that we turned and left that area.

I decided to show her an eagles nest instead. On are way down the path to the nest we experienced the same thing again. This time when we stopped we both were looking up at a tree branch that crossed the path about fifty feet away. I grabbed my wife’s hand and started running for the car. When we got to the car I asked her if she could describe what she felt. She told me that she could feel evil all around us and that whatever was in the tree reminded her of the leader from the movie “The Gargoyles.” I couldn’t believe she said that because I felt the same thing. We left the park that day and never went back again. As years went by I became a mail man in that area and spoke to many of my customer who live along the aqueduct. I have heard some pretty scary stories and witnessed some pretty scary things in those woods and on that path.

Written by Alfred Santariga, edited by Cyndy Schuessler