On July 4th I believe I saw a craft disguised as a cloud. Around 8pm, in Dutchess County, we began to get thunderstorms. By 8:30 pm my 13 year old son couldn’t wait any longer to start doing fireworks. He wanted to beat the rain so we went out side and began. That’s when something every strange occurred. All the clouds, the smoke from the fireworks and my American flag were moving in a northeast direction. There was one particular cloud that came toward my house in a southwest direction. It then just stopped across the street from my house like some one put it in park. This cloud was about 100 feet away and approximately 70 feet in the air, which was strange enough, but then it looked like lighting was going off in it. Everyone commented on the lighting but no one seemed to notice that the thunder never seemed to follow.

I heard a story a long time ago about a cloud that followed a person home one day in the Bronx. When this man reached his neighborhood the cloud opened up to reveal a different universe to him and all the people on the street.

I started to wonder if this was truly a cloud but chose not to say anything to avoid frightening anyone. I thought that the light going off inside the cloud looked more like a strobe light than lighting. Then after 15 minutes it just took off like some one put it in drive. It headed in the same direction as all the other clouds as if to catch up with them.

Written by Alfred Santariga, edited by Cyndy Schuessler