On Aug, 4th, 2015 my wife & I were having a glass of wine on the deck of our villa, while on vacation, at the Villa Roma Resort in the Catskills of New York. Around 10 pm I began to have a strange feeling. I felt that I was going to have Alien experience that night. I kept this feeling to myself so as not to upset my wife. In the morning I forgot all about the way I had felt the night before and we went to breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to the pool to relax. While sitting at the pool my right ear began to ring terribly. At this point all the feelings from the night before resurfaced. My wife said to me, jokingly, that the Aliens were going to come and get me tonight. I replied to her, jokingly, that they had come the night before and were testing the new transmitter. We both began to laugh. I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that I should look up and to the west behind me.

When I looked I saw a metallic object shimmering in the sky as if it wanted me to see it. I asked my wife to look at it and tell me what she thought it was. She said it looked like a kite. I thought that it was too high for a kite but thought it might be a drone. Then the object took off in the blink of an eye and was about 50 miles away. We both agreed it was neither a kite or a drone. The object started to make a diamond shape in the sky. The object had a triangle shape to its front but the back had 3 points like a bat’s wing. At this point the object went back to its original spot in the sky but it didn’t turn around to get there. It went backwards. Just then I asked my wife for the camera to capture this in a photo when the object took off at an incredible speed. It disappeared through a large cloud. It didn’t make a hole in the cloud and when the cloud passed I wasn’t sure if the craft had gone away or had just became transparent.

Written by Alfred Santariga, edited by Cyndy Schuessler