In 1989 I went to work at the Greystone Post Office. It was there, while training with a senior carrier, that I was told this story. The carrier who had 28 route, had seen the devil at 42 Pine street, which was David Berkowitz’s (Son of Sam) building. He was the regular carrier for years and after Berkowitz was arrested is when this happened.

The building was very upscale. It had a doorman and a built in pool in the back. To get to the pool you have to go into the parking garage. There they had a bathroom and a pool house where they had cook outs for the tenants. It was very nice building and the residents were very nice as well.

One day, on Halloween night, this particular mailman had to use the bathroom. This is when he saw the devil. While in the bathroom he heard what sounded like chanting. When he was done he opened the door to leave and saw a group of people. They were standing around a burning pentagram summoning the devil. At the moment when he opened the door he witnessed the devil appear out of the smoke and the devil saw him. The devil went to him and told him that because of what he had saw his soul would belong to the devil. The carrier went back to the Post Office and told his boss what had occurred. He said he would never go back to that building again and took a 6 month leave of absence. While he was away another route became available at a different station. He bid on it and got that route.

During the time that this was happening the carrier’s wife left him and took his kids. He became an alcoholic. He started his new route, on the other side of town. Every day he reported that he would be attacked by a black cat at the last house on the route. He talked to his boss and the boss went to that house to speak to the owners of the cat. To his surprise the people told him that they didn’t own a cat.

By now things were escalating. The black cat had started talking to the carrier telling him to kill himself. The black cat told him by the time the summer ends he would be dead and his soul would be his. One day at the end of the summer the carrier never made it back to the Post Office. The boss sent out a search party. They found the carrier hanging from a tree at the end of the route, dead. Just like Berkowitz he was talking to an animal.

I was told never to go down in that parking garage or pool not for anything by my supervisor and manager.

Written by Al Santariga, edited and posted by Cyndy Schuessler