In 1990 I was asked by my boss if I would cover another route because the regular carrier was injured. This was the route that David Berkowitz (Son of Sam ) lived on. I was curious to see where he lived so, of course, I said said yes. I took the route over in June and held it down for a year. I got to know the superintendent, doorman and tenants of the building very well. They all were very nice.

I talked the superintendent into showing me the Berkowitz apartment which at the time was being used as a storage room. There is no doubt that the place possesses an evil presence. It can be felt the minute you walk in. It was very strong in the living-room and the bedroom which looked over the pool and the street that the garage was on. I was told by my boss to never go down to the pool to deliver anything or use the bathroom down in the garage. But the people in the building were so nice to me that I went down there many times that summer. Summer came and went with out incident but fall would be different.

That Halloween I had to go downstairs to use the bathroom. It was dark and empty at that time of the year. While I was in the bathroom I began to hear chanting and started to smell burning sulfur. I remembered hearing a story about a carrier who saw the devil down here and how the devil took his soul. I started praying. I kept the lights off and opened the door a crack. I saw people in black robes with hoods over their heads conjuring up the devil. As I watched they circled around a burning pentagram with black smoke bellowing out of it. Grey colored smoke started to rise up from it and a figure started to appear. At that point I closed the door and started praying again, hoping that the devil didn’t know I was there. I stayed in that bathroom for an hour when the superintendent and the doorman came to get me. They told me that the coast was clear and I could come out. I told them what I saw and they said they believed me. This happens every Halloween and nobody goes down here ever on Halloween.

I think that the people in the robes were some of the tenants in the building. That it was a very powerful cult. I believe that they infiltrated Berkowitz’s mind and used him to do the devil’s work.

When I left that building that day I continued on to deliver along North Broadway. I told the story to a little old Polish woman who waited for me every day with coffee and cake. She told me a story about a young couple she had rented her 1st floor apartment to 10 yrs earlier. In the beginning they were fine but after a couple of years, the husband became involved with a devil worshiping cult. One night he came home with the cult, conjured up the devil, and tried to sacrifice his wife. She heard the wife screaming and called the police. They were all arrested. After the wife moved out the apartment had a evil presence about it. She couldn’t rent it. She had her priest to come and do an exorcism to cleanse the apartment of the evil.

I don’t know if I saw the devil that day but I do know that whatever it was, was evil.

Written by Alfred Santariga, edited by Cyndy Schuessler