The names of the clients have been changed to protect their identity.

On December 24 I was approached by Rich & Gina, a young couple that I know, who asked me for help. Gina asked me to walk through her apartment and share with her any unusual feelings I had. I told her that it wasn’t a psychic but I would do this for her. While walking through the first few rooms of the apartment I felt nothing. As I entered one of the children’s room I was drawn to an open closet with no door. I began to get goosebumps all over my body. At this point Gina asked me what I was feeling. I told her that I had goosebumps and showed her my arm. She looked at me and told me she felt the same thing and showed me her arm. She told me that she believes there are many spirits in her apartment. She feels that there is a demon keeping the spirits trapped there. Then she sat me down and told me what’s been going on with her five-year-old daughter, Nicole.

Gina said it started about a month ago when her husband, Rich, was away on Union business. She was home alone with the children when she noticed Nicole experiencing night terrors and leaving the apartment in the middle of the night. She said she would find Nicole wandering the corridors of the building alone. She told me that one night, while sleeping, she felt something watching her. When she woke up she saw Nicole in the hallway just staring at her. She asked the child what was wrong. At that point Nicole got down in a leapfrog position and jumped the ten foot distance from the hallway to her bed. Nicole looked her in the eyes and began start talking in tongues. Gina said she couldn’t understand the language the child was speaking. She believes it wasn’t Latin as she is familiar with the language. She put the child back to bed and went to sleep. The following day she called Rich and told him what happened. He told her that she was exaggerating, there was nothing wrong with their daughter.

Gina said for the next three days Nicole was possessed with the demon inside her. She could tell that her daughter was not present in her body. Something else was there. Gina contacted her mother who is very religious and explained what had happened. Her Mother came and blessed the house with holy water and made Nicole drink holy water. This appeared to calm things down for a period of time.

By now Rich was home. He recounted this story which happened to him with Nicole. Again, while sleeping in their bed, around 3 o’clock in the morning he felt that someone was watching him. When he woke up he saw Nicole standing in the hallway. Again, Nicole leapfrogged onto the bed looked her father in the eyes and began speaking in tongues. Rich was scared! He asked Gina to remove the child and put her back to bed but before Gina could move Nicole did a back-flip off the bed back into the hallway to her original position. Gina said that Nicole is doing acrobatics that are literally impossible for a child who has never taken any acrobatic classes.

She went on to tell me that one day while the kids were outside playing in the park she took some photographs of them. In one of the photographs of Nicole she saw light rods coming out of her body. Gina also told me that now her older daughter is beginning to have night terrors and actually dreaming of Nicole when she is in her possessed state. Gina believes that the women in her family are sensitive which might explain why her two daughters are having these night terrors and her three sons aren’t. She went on to tell me that this was just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to discuss.

I told Gina that this was above my pay scale but I would try to help in anyway I can. I spoke to a Deacon, that I know, and asked him if he would bless the apartment. He explained that he would have to speak with his Pastor first to make sure it was OK for him to do this. I ran this situation by the rest of the BPS team for their thoughts regarding pursuing this case. One is in, one is out, and three of us are still debating on whether or not we want to take this case.

I am putting together a list of Demonologists who can help with an exorcism for Nicole: 1. John Zaffis, out of Connecticut 2.Father Bob Baily, out of Rhode Island, and 3. Reverend Billy Bean, out of Maryland. I still have to sit down with Gina to gather more evidence before I can go to any of these Demonologists to ask them to get involved. I did mention to Gina to put up security cameras in the hallway and in her bedroom to capture the child when she’s in her possessed state. She should also have a digital voice recorder handy so we can find out exactly what language the demon is speaking. I also told her that she should remove the child from that bedroom. We can’t discuss any further actions at the apartment. I don’t want The Entity to know what we’re planning.

While researching this phenomenon I found that there are three stages of Possession. Stage one is the depression stage. Stage two is Oppression and stage three is Possession. I believe because the demon is only showing himself when the child is in a sleep state and taking over her subconscious which would mean that Nicole is only in stage two.

Update 1/29/2016 – Due to the inclement weather last weekend in New York city we had to cancel our demonic possession investigation. Investigation will be rescheduled at a later date

Written by Alfted Santariga, edited and posted by Cyndy Ann Schuessler