Written by Alfred Santariga
On 11-25-15 I was contacted by a friend of mine who’s name has been changed to protect his identity. My friend, Mike, went on to tell me an incredible experience. While out in Pennsylvania visiting family and friends he decided to go hunting. While hunting he heard a tree knock. Not knowing what it was he dismissed it. Roughly two minutes later he heard something running up the hill which he described sounding “like a freight train”. It was crashing through small trees. The ground began to shake and vibrate when a creature appeared.
Mike said it stood about 8 feet tall and weighed around 800 pounds. He said the creature’s legs looked like tree trunks and it was taking strides between 10 and 12 feet apart. He told me it was green in color as though covered in moss. Mike told me that even now his mind cannot comprehend what his eyes were seeing. Even though he was hunting with a .30-06 rifle he doesn’t believe the gun would’ve been powerful enough to stop the creature in its tracks. When the creature got to higher elevations the ground became rocky; it jumped from rock to rock as though it were a monkey. Mike said that if he didn’t know better he would’ve thought it was Andre the Giant, in a ghillie suit, running through the woods. But the creature was so big and powerful that he knew there was no way it was a human being in a ghillie suit. He told me that it would’ve taken him three hours to hike to the top of that mountain. But the creature made it up there in five minutes flat.
The most amazing thing about this experience is that Mike is a true skeptic. A real nonbeliever in anything paranormal, so for him to tell me the story was astonishing. After he recounted the story I asked him if he believed in Bigfoot now. He told me was still on the fence…I asked him if he would hunt that location again and he said no- he would never go back there again.