In reference to the November 21, 2015 interview with Pat Daniels on The Fringe radio show on Inception Radio Network.

To say the interview didn’t go as planned is an understatement. Although we touched briefly on the Letchworth Village and Nuclear Lake investigations, we never got into the intricate details of either. During the second hour of the show Pat touched on every subject in the paranormal under the sun. So I did what any good leader would do and stepped back to let Paul and Bryan run with the conversation. Bryan and Paul were on fire!

Knowing that I was the only member of the team online I focused my attention on the chat room. I spent the second half of the show in the chat room answering a ton of questions regarding Letchworth Village and Nuclear lake. I’m a big believer in audience participation and I think all the guests should answer as many questions as they possibly can. I wish to thank my sister, Marilyn, and my brother, Frank, for working the chat room for the first hour of the show. I would also like to thank my dear friends Bill, Eric, Lorraine, and Lib for their support.

Immediately after the show was over Bryan and Paul called me to ask how I thought the show went. I told them I thought the show was great and I thought they were both awesome. The following day I contacted Pat and thanked him again for having us on the Fringe. He thought we were great and said he would love to have us on again after any of BPS teams investigations. Pat contacted me on Monday and invited me to come back in January as a solo guest to talk about my past paranormal experiences. I told him I would love to, but, only under one condition; that we stay on topic and not wander all over the place. He laughed and agreed.

You can hear the interview here interview