On October 31, 2015 I met up with Al Santariga and Bill Forte (co-host of Jamie Havican show, KGRA internet radio, and founder of YouTube channel BillNY Skywatcher) for an investigation into the High Strangeness and reported Bigfoot Sightings at Nuclear Lake located in Beekman New York. Our goal was to spend as much time of the day and night in the area recording strange events, any anomalies, and conducting select experiments, while recording our observation.

Nuclear Lake map

At 4 PM, we parked our cars about a quarter mile from the entrance to the park and made the mile plus hiked into the Nuclear Lake facility. Upon entering the park you’re greeted with a mile plus hike to get to actual lake. The further you walk, the more you leave behind civilization as you know it and enter the realm of the surrounding woods. I, being an experienced woodsmen, enjoyed the time connecting with the natural environment. While walking to the lake I did notice, out of the corner of my eye, what seem to be something mirroring us at a distance of about 40 yards in the woods. When I would turn my head to look at the object, it would disappear immediately behind the trunk of a tree. The object in question looked like some kind of brown hairy leg (more human than animal) but quickly would go behind a tree and disappear. I found this a little odd and frustrating, but I took note and continued on the journey.


The end of the initial hike leads you to the front end of the lake where the former United Nuclear Corp (UNC) facility was located prior to the 1972 blast that resulted in an unknown amount of radioactive plutonium dust dispersing throughout the structure and surrounding shoreline and woods. The blast blew out two windows in the experimental nuclear research lab, which was positioned alongside the lake[1]. The lake is a welcoming and unnerving sight. It’s a beautiful place that captures your attention with its visual beauty; but you are reminded of how deadly it can be as there was weapons grade materials emptied inside this waterway. Lord only knows how much this is reaping havoc to the ecological system and the surrounding areas. Rumors of a major Cancer Cluster still abound.

Our goal was to walk around the lake traveling in a westerly direction so that we can get to the northernmost portion of the lake. Along the way we made some stops at some of the noted locations that Al and Bill encountered two weeks prior. One of these areas consist of a large rock formation that runs close to 20 feet high. But what I found rather interesting was that Someone or Something placed a rock pyramid on top of the highest point of this formation. Again, this is roughly 20 to 30 feet high. I expect that if a person, uneducated in these types of formations, would come across a rock formation like this, then they would be taken aback by the oddity of having it presented to them. Yet, for me, I am rather verse in these formations and have seen them in various instances and I know of their name – Inuksuk.

An inuksuk is a human-made stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland. I have seen them represented via the Inuit but also in other areas in the North Eastern part of the united states; and for me specifically, the north-western portion of the state of Connecticut, in the woods, on or near streams and even on the median of roadways. They have specifically been prevalent in the Winchester area of Connecticut. Its good here to please note this area has had reports of a creature known as the “Wild Man” – a bigfoot like creature with the last sightings in this area that is know to myself taking place in 1977-79.

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While walking this rocky area where the stone pyramid was found, I did get a chance, to see out of the corner of my eye, what seem to be a white robe trailing behind a tree. This was the same movement that I witnessed earlier with the brown leg but now was white cloth. Finding nothing regarding the white cloth, we continued up the trail and at about 6:00ish we arrived at the northernmost portion of the lake where Bill and Al previously discovered three round quartz balls in the shape of a pyramid. Its not odd to have quarts in the state but these rocks were clearly not a natural formation and very odd.

We set up our camp and proceeded to scout the area. In the time we were there we did notice the following sound emanating from the forest: Tree Knocks; Rock Knocks, and in the distance gunfire from the local shooting range. I personally made a note that this forest and wooded area was very quiet. Too quiet to be specific. Normally, I would expect to see or hear birds crickets bullfrogs fish life, life; but with the exception of a few ducks – there was no other life there.

We started our investigation in the daylight by each one of us taking separate equipment and scouting the area Al using the parabolic microphone to search for sounds while I started scouting visually looking for any type of anomalies. Our main focus was on the three strange rocks. Al and I both had Crystal skulls that we brought with us for the experiments. The plan was to place the Crystal skulls on each of the rocks and then send out a vibration and see if there’s any changes in the rock or the skulls. Since it was early in the investigation. It was too early in the day and as such we held off on the skulls and decided to do some audio EVP and parabolic microphone work.

The audio coming from Al’s parabolic microphone was rather interesting. At one point Al discovered a beeping sound – kind of like a mores code, meets a Geiger counter meets binary . It started out faint at the ground level and as he raised the microphone it got louder and more intense. I started video taping and had Al place the headphones on my equipment to capture the sounds. I will be posting this audio so you can hear what was recorded.

Again, the sound itself had a little static to it kind of gave it a Geiger counter feel. We all try discovering why this would be. Bill and Al found it intriguing and thought that we might be under surveillance high up above the trees. I think more out of the box and a few thoughts came to my mind: (1) It could’ve been a signal from a microwave transmitter/ tower that the military does have in the area and has used. These Microwaves are used for communication purposes especially in the event of a nuclear attack; (2) Since the sound got more intense and loud as the microphone was pointed to the top of the trees, and given the history of the area ( the weapons grade material spill and explosion), then the tree in question would’ve been not more than a foot to 2 feet off the ground when bombarded by radiation. This means that the most affected area of the tree would be at the top of the tree (where we currently are getting the signal at its most intense). However, this area is know for the anomalies and it lived up to it regarding this catch. The signal and sounds in question did disappear and never returned again after a short while.

Out initial investigation took about an hour and at that time we made a call to our psychic Sandy. She was having a terrible time talking to us. She sounded under extreme duress and almost as if she had Bell’s palsy. Sandy – was telling us about the intensity in the area and how it was affecting her where she was right then and there. She requested that we remove the phone ( which was by the three rocks) and move it to another area. Al and I always are testing so, without alerting Sandy, we moved the phone off the 3 rocks and into a different area. And one that took place she was able to talk to us. Sandy, described seeing a native shaman; little spirits; wood spirits; other dark colored creatures; and sasquatch type of entity. She made a special note to let us know that each of these creatures know we are there and are currently observing us. She continue the conversation by relating how intense the area felt. We ended the call shortly there after and continued on with our investigation and encampment.


As the sun we move back to the three rocks and started our investigation and tests. We began with getting heat sample using infrared camera. The entire area was warm where is the rocks were cold. No heat was being emanated from any of them. Even the surrounding limestone had a heat signature. Yet the three white rocks gave off nothing. We then proceeded to place the crystal skulls on top of the three rocks. Al using a pink skull and myself using a clear crystal skull. Once the skulls were in place, Al using a Tibetan singing bowl, initiated sending vibrations and energy into the area. We ended by chanting few “Ohms” Letting the skull sit for a moment, we then took another Reading using the infrared camera. This time everything around the stone was cold. And the stones themselves were giving off heat signature we noted this and found it rather strange. Both Al and I did take a few photographs of the rocks at this time. This was at the request of Frank S. who could not be there for the actual investigation. I extended this photo session by taking pictures of the entire area. Something interesting to note was that I did capture what seemed to be a red/purple mist. And it was at this point the energy and intensity started ramping up.


After the investigation into the quarts rocks we all setup for a listing session to the surrounding area. Bill begin to film for his show on YouTube and I begin to broadcast for the BPS on our Periscope channel. We started hearing noises coming in the distance. There was what seemed to be a tree knock, then followed by a rock knock. In the distance we heard what sounded like a howl and dogs going crazy barking. We heard another tree knock shortly after the dogs started going crazy. The next sound to be heard was that of something heavy approaching us in our camp. Once this happened, everything got silent. The heavy steps did not sound anything like a bear, or a moose or even a large cat. It was not normal. The sound had a bipedal feel to it but super heavy – like hundreds of pounds heavy. The place of the chairs in our camp were as follows first there was Bill, then Al and I was next



The noise that we heard seem to start near Bill and move its way over towards me. It sounded like it was creeping up on us. Again, we did register a few rock knocks and a tree knock. Immediately after the last rock knock there was a very loud WHOOP. This was followed by another WHOOP a distance from the first, and then lastly, another WHOOP much further off in the distance. What ever this was, was very close – we are talking 20 – 30 feet close and at our backs. At this point all of us were up from our chairs and had our machetes ¾ drawn. Al suggested it was humans or a person walking in the woods. Bill thought otherwise. And I thought that was not a human being. It definitely sounded non-human. I said to Al that this was “NO WAY IN HELL a person”. I pointed out to Al that we are deep in the woods, on a high ledge that had at least a 20 – 30 foot drop down a hill into a heavy covered swamp. And I also made a note that “Who the hell would be out in the woods, by themselves and without a light. And on top of that travel so far in such a short time?

*Note – the sounds hear on the WHOOP audio file are not ours.  We experienced technical issues when things started to ramp up. As such each of us scoured Bigfoot vocalizations and I was able to get the closest. It is from a recording out of Kentucky (near or on the Appalachian trail. We and our investigation took place at parts that intersect the Appalachian Trail. )

It was at this point Al realized he was totally mistaken and adjusted his assessment of what he just heard. At this point things really started to ramp up. There was a huge sound coming towards Bill as if a bear or mountain lion was charging or going to charge. Bill got up to run but Al grab him and said “stand your ground”. All of us stood our ground and created a triangle defense. After a few minutes, it seemed that things got quite again and we all retreated to our chairs. A few minutes in there was a very large bolder thrown in my direction. It made a thud and then a roll. I did feel this on the ground next to me. I arose and scanned the area. Seeing nothing, I remained standing for the rest of the time at that location. At 9 o’clock we decided to move onto the next location coming back to where we started.


We then proceeded to hike back around the lake. As we approached the opposite side of where our first camp was, we could see down the length of the lake. It was a totally clear night. Perfect viewing and there seemed to be a yellow/orange large light flying from right to left at the farthest part of the lake from us. Each of us took notice and said, almost in unison – “What is that”?. The moment we said it, the object stopped moving right-to-left and made a B-line for us! Al immediately called out “Bill, time check?” His Reply “9:15”. We shut off all our lights and I began filming it. As the object was a 100 feet or so from us just above the trees It turned on a spot light and lit up the treetops. It seemed to be scanning something. I noted that the object did not make a sound. We watched it for what seemed like 3 minutes or more. I then heard the sound of a plane high up. I took a look at the plane and then back to the object – it was gone. As quick as it came was as quick as it left.

We got settled in a new location and made a call to Sandy our psychic. She stated that this location had a totally different feel than the first location. She told us that at this location we would see shadow figures that were black and white. Some would be large, some small. We would see orbs in our pictures and see the light anomalies which she said look to her to be fairies. She also said that there would be elves, leprechauns and gnomes and all the creatures of the woods in this place. She described it as a “portal” where everything came in and out of. When we started talking to Cindy it was 9:30 pm. I began to see small white shadow figures hiding behind the trees. I decided to take photos and the results captured were light anomalies deep in the woods with lots of orbs. In some of my photos I caught more mist but this time it was Blue in color. Bill started filming with his night vision camera and I asked him to point the camera into the woods. Al saw two white shadow figures run from tree to tree. The feeling of this area started to change to an intensity.

Al, noticed anomalies across the lake and began to shine his red laser. He then asked me to shine my green laser on one while he shined on the other. They both disappeared. We then heard people talking in the woods as if they were walking on the Appalachian Trail toward us but no people ever emerged. While at this second location I conducted another EVP session but didn’t get a chance to review until I came home. (It is very interesting to note that the last EVP session I recorded had what seems like a loud binary sounds on it. Like something you heard in the movie Independence Day. I will included the audio in our evidence on the site.)

At this point Al asked Bill checked the time. It was 11:30 pm. I couldn’t believe how late it was. It seemed as if we had just talked to Sandy. I initially feel that we lost anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of time. I’m not totally sure how this may have happened but there are thoughts of a rip in time/space. For the record – I never ever had any type of experience like this before in my life. Later after talking with Sandy to discuss what happened, she stated that she believes that we were caught in a space time continuum portal or dimension.  We headed out of the area and back to the cars. On the long last leg out of the lake, the missing life forms you expect to hear but didn’t – were not present. Deer, crickets, sounds.

Al and Bill departed in All’s car. I took off in my own. The entire ride home was a bit surreal. It felt as if I was being followed or watched. I kept scanning the sky’s and saw nothing but I was a bit uneasy. The following day I contacted all to ask if anyone had any injuries. Al said he woke up with a fat lower lip that felt like something hard was behind it. I mentioned that I woke up with a bump on his head and a metallic taste in my mouth. I also produced a thick blue flem substance . Bill reported a bump on his back and Sandy, who lives in the mid-west, woke up with a red mark on her arm.


Video, audio, and photo evidence to follow


[1] http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2014/08/12/dateline-nuclear-lake/13976085/