On All Hallows Eve, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, Bill Forte (co-host of Jamie Havican show, KGRA internet radio, and founder of YouTube channel BillNY Skywatcher), Bryan Bowden and myself, of the BPS team, went to Nuclear Lake for a night investigation. Just days after the full moon and with meteor showers in the night sky we were hoping to experience something in this area which has a reputation for Sasquatch sightings and paranormal activity.Bill and I had been to this location earlier this month (refer to Nuclear Lake file on the BPS Facebook page). We hiked in a couple of miles to show Bryan the stone tower placed on top of a cliff. This time we took photos. We continued to the location where we had previously found the three quartz crystal stones. Bryan streamed it live on Twitter and Bill videotaped it for his YouTube channel. It was here that we decided to set up base-camp and do some experiments.

The first experiment I did was to test the quartz stones for a magnetic energy field by placing my compass on the stones. There wasn’t one. The second experiment I did was film the three quartz crystal stones with thermal imaging to see if they were giving off any heat. They weren’t. I then used my parabolic microphone to listen to the sounds in the woods. Strangely enough, the only thing we heard were the ducks settling in for the night. No crickets, no bats, no frogs. Then we picked up a sound that resembled Morse code. The higher we pointed the parabolic microphone the louder the sound became. Bryan suggested that it could be related to the radiation in the trees from the nuclear accident at the lake. I suggested that there may be something above the clouds observing us.

By now it had gotten dark enough to conduct further experiments using our crystal skulls and a Tibetan singing bowl. Bryan placed his clear crystal skull on one of the Quartz stones and I placed my rose-quartz crystal skull on another. I then began to use my Tibetan singing bowl to produce a frequency and vibration that would fill the woods. We followed this by saying “ohms” and took photographs of the stones. We were hoping to find some light anomalies or rods connecting one stone to another, but, unfortunately, there was nothing. I listened again to the surrounding woods with the parabolic microphone. This time I heard walking. It was in the distance coming our way. The sound resembled the noise of a large/heavy bipedal walking purposely toward us. When the footsteps reached the point directly below us in the swamp they stopped. We heard a loud knocking sound like a rock being struck against another rock followed by three incredibly loud “whoops” (note: our recording devices were experiencing some issue and were not able to capture the Whiops sounds in real time. As such Al, Bill and Bryan scoured Bigfoot vocalizations which we all presented to each other; however Bryan’s was precise. This is a recording from Kentucky – taken near the very same trail we were on. Whoops ) which vibrated the ground we stood on. We quietly scrambled to the stone wall directly behind us for a better view of who or what was below us. The woods were pitch black. There were no headlamps or flashlights. Whatever it was must have had night vision because the terrain is uneven and dangerous. There is no way to walk through those woods without some lighting. I decided to return the “knock” on a tree and waited for a response. In what felt like at least a minute we received an answering “knock” from what sounded to be from over 2 miles away. Whatever was in the swamp was gone. We never heard footsteps leaving through the Autumn leaves. It was almost as if whatever it was crossed through a dimension or space time continuum to get to the other side of the lake. Bryan believes that it was a Sasquatch scout and the three “whoops” were to identify that there were three people in the woods with them.


After this we decided to hunker down and settle in for the night. We began to hear walking all around us as if things were coming to look at us. We decided to call Sandy, our psychic, to get her perspective on what was happening. We put the phone on the Quartz crystal stones so that she could get a feel for the energy that was coming dissipating from the stones. The energy that she felt was so strong that she was unable to speak. We had to move the phone away from the stones so that she could talk to us. She told us that there were creatures all around us and that we would see light anomalies in the woods among other things.

We broke out the night vision cameras to see if we could identify what was creeping up on us. Whatever it was wasn’t in the light spectrum of the night vision cameras. Bryan and I decided to use the thermal imaging but whatever it was, again, wasn’t in the thermal imaging spectrum of light. At one point we heard what we thought was a cougar coming up over the ridge line getting ready to pounce on Bill as he sat with his back facing the stone wall. We all jumped up and drew our knives to protect ourselves, but, whatever it was disappeared and faded away. Nothing came over the wall to attack us. I believe this is what is referred to as a “bluff charge” in bears when they try to drive something away from their cubs or food. I think this was a Sasquatch trying to drive us away from this location. We also experienced stones being thrown at us the whole time but we chose to stay.

At this point, I decided to go back to the Quartz stones. I, again, placed the compass on them and the needle began spinning like a top. I then broke out the thermal imaging and this time the three Quartz stones lit up white hot but were cold to the touch.

At this point we decided to pack up our gear and move to another location at the northern end of the lake. When we got here we saw a light in the sky. At first it was going from west to east then it stopped and began to go south. Then it abruptly stopped and came directly towards us. We have no idea what it was. It was blinking like a strobe light and Bryan was lucky enough to have streamed it on Twitter. Bill thought that it might be a plane. I thought it may be a drone. Bryan thought that it was a UFO. When it got directly over us it shined a floodlight down on top of the trees. It stayed there suspended for about three minutes observing us while we observed it. Then this object which made no noise and hovered like a helicopter slowly moved away. I asked Bill to check the time – it was 9:15 pm.

We called Sandy, our psychic, again after we got settled in this new location. She stated that this location had a totally different feel than the first location. She told us that at this location we would see shadow figures that were black and white. Some would be large, some small. We would see orbs in our pictures and see the light anomalies which she said look to her to be fairies. She also said that there would be elves, leprechauns and gnomes and all the creatures of the woods in this place. She described it as a “portal” where everything came in and out of. When we started talking to Sandy it was 9:30 pm.

After our call I started to see big black shadow figures jumping from tree to tree. Bryan began to see small white shadow figures hiding behind the trees. We began to take photos and captured light anomalies deep in the woods with lots of orbs. In some of Bryan’s photos he captured a blue mist and a red frog. I also captured a blue mist in my photos. At one point Bill was doing the Skywatch with his night vision camera when Bryan asked him to point the camera into the woods. While I was holding the monitor. Bill and I saw two white shadow figures run from tree to tree. We were pretty excited knowing that we captured this on video. Then I noticed anomalies across the lake. I asked Bryan to shine his green laser on one while I shined my red laser on the other. They both disappeared. I asked Bill to shine his high powered flashlight in that area but we didn’t see anything unusual. We then heard people talking in the woods as if they were walking on the Appalachian Trail toward us. The trail came out right in front of our campsite but no people ever emerged. While at this second location Bryan did an EVP and we heard the strangest sounds. It reminded us of the movie “Signs” when the actors found the strange frequency coming from the Alien Craft. At this point Bill checked the time. It was 11:30 pm. I couldn’t believe how late it was. It seemed as if we had just talked to Sandy. Bryan believes that we lost almost 2 hours of time. Sandy believes that we were caught in a space time continuum portal or dimension. This would explain why we could hear voices but see no people and why our photos were so strange.

The energy at this place was so intense that all the members of the investigation were affected by it for 3 days afterward, including our psychic, Sandy, who resides in Arkansas. Bill, when he checked his video from the night vision camera found that there was no footage. The video, though the monitor showed it was recording, did not record any of our encounters. The following day Bryan contacted all of us to ask if anyone had any injuries. I woke up with a fat lower lip that felt like something hard was behind it. Bryan woke up with a bump on his head. Bill reported a bump on his back. Sandy, in the Mid-West, woke up with a red mark on her arm. Three days later all injuries were gone. I know for a fact that no one fell or was injured that night. Video, audio, and photo Results to follow

Edited by Cyndy Ann Schuessler