Please note, the names have been changed to protect the identities of the client~

On 9/25/15 I was contacted by a man named Robert regarding paranormal activity in his home. He stated that this paranormal activity had followed his family from one residence to another. He is very concerned for his daughter, Nancy.
Initially it appeared that this was a poltergeist. I explained to him that someone in his family has triggered this. If their anxiety resolves it should dissipate on its own. He explained that he and his wife are currently in the process of a nasty divorce and his wife refuses to leave. He believes his wife has created this. She is jealous of Nancy, his daughter from a previous marriage.

Robert said that Nancy is seeing a creature in her bedroom when she tries to go to sleep at night. She had drawn a picture of the creature. He sent me a copy of the drawing and I almost fell off my chair.

PK - Drawing

It appears that his wife has created a PK manifestation, also known as psychokinesis. This is much stronger and darker that a regular poltergeist. The drawing that he sent me was none other than an evil Djinn.  I spoke with Cindy, the team Psychic. She believes the client’s wife is a schizophrenic and is trying to poison Robert and Nancy. I told this to Robert and he agrees.

I have reached out to the client on several occasions to call me at night after work so that I can speak to Nancy and explain how to protect herself and create a safe zone in her bedroom. Unfortunately the client never calls me in the evening. I feel that this is due to his wife. I believe that he doesn’t want her to know what we are discussing. I do have a few solutions to the problem but I need to speak to him to explain the proper steps so they can complete the procedure and have it work.
I will be reaching out to the client again in the near future in an attempt to resolve this issue for him and his daughter. I believe this case is far from over and will continue to report on it until it’s resolved.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is the foremost expert on Evil Djinns. She has written several books on the subject. I finished reading one of her books last year on the subject. She has also visited the UFO Round table for a presentation on the Evil Djinn.

10/6 The book that I read by Rosemary Ellen Guiley is “The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities”

10/7 I spoke with Robert today to share the information that he would need to cleanse his home of the Evil Djinn. I explained that the following steps are necessary:

  1. Tell your daughter to look for a Hex bag in her bedroom. It may be hidden either between her mattress and box spring or in the closet in a shoe or in a old shoe box. She is not to touch it with her bare hands. She should wear gloves.
    Once she has the Hex bag she needs to bring it into the woods. She is to dig a hole and line the hole with salt. Place the hex bag in the hole and cover the bag with salt then fill the hole with dirt. She should then pour Holy water onto the dirt and say a white prayer such as The Hail Mary or The Lords Prayer. Following the prayer she should say “ Lord surround us in your white light and protect us from anything that may want to attach itself to us or do us harm, amen” or something similar.
  2. If she doesn’t find the Hex bag in her room then she needs to White Sage the bedroom. She first needs to open all the windows to allow the entity an escape route. While saging she must say “I banish all darkness and evil from this place. Only light and love may enter.” This should be said over and over until the whole room is cleansed. She must White Sage every inch of the room. Once this is done put salt in the windowsills and across the doorjamb. Salt purifies all the entryways and entities cannot cross over it.
  3. After your daughter finishes saging and salting her entire room she should hit the room with holy water while saying a white prayer for protection to Saint Michael.
  4. When your wife leaves the house you must White Sage the entire house. Again, open the windows to allow the entity to exit. Remember to say “all evil and darkness is banished. Only light and love is allowed here.” After you sage the entire home it must be blessed with Holy Water while saying a White Prayer for protection through the entire house. Make the sign of the cross above all the doorways on the outside.
  5. Once all of the steps have been taken to cleanse the home you must get a Holy Man, Priest, Rabbi, Shaman to bless the house.
  6. Remember that the Psychic said that your wife is a paranoid schizophrenic and it is not safe for your daughter to be there. Be careful that your wife doesn’t poison your daughter’s food. The Psychic had sensed poison in her Vision and felt that your wife may be trying to kill both of you or just your daughter so be extremely careful.
  7. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
  8. If it seems like a lot of work and you are not really sure how to perform these steps you can contact a local Paranormal Team to do it for you. You would have to coordinate this by getting your wife out of the house so that the team can enter and do the cleansing.
  9. Once the house and your daughter’s room are cleansed you can put some Kosher Salt in a baggie and tape it to the center of your daughter’s bedroom ceiling. This will purify and radiate the entire room in all directions. If this is not possible you can place salt in each corner of the bedroom.
  10. Line the perimeter of your property with Rock Salt to prevent the Entity from re-entering the property.
  11. Once everything is done, buy a white candle and have it blessed by a Holy Man. Tell your daughter to light it before she goes to bed every night for five minutes then blow it out and let the smoke fill the room and say a protection prayer to Saint Michael.
  12. If all else fails then as a last resort find an Arabic Community. Go to their marketplace and look for a Talisman/pendent that they use to protect themselves form the Evil Djinns. They may send you to their local mosque to obtain help from their clerics or Holy Man to go to your home and cleanse it. They have been dealing with Evil Djinns for centuries and know what they’re doing.

Written by Alfred Santariga, edited and posted by Cyndy Ann Schuessler