Bronxville Paranormal Society (BPS)

Investigation Report
By Bryan Bowden
Letchworth Village
(a.k.a Willowbrook)
Theills N.Y.
Saturday, May 16, 2015

Letchworth Village 5/16/2015​ Bryan Bowden Investigator


Ghost Radar Legacy​12
Ghost Radar Legacy and Connect Word Output and time​12

Letchworth Village 5/16/2015​ Bryan Bowden Investigator


​The following is a personal account and report of the Letchworth Village Investigation, conducted by Bryan Bowden, Managing Director of Technology, for the Bronxville Paranormal Society, on May 16, 2015.

The BPS team members (and guests) met up at the Will Library, in Yonkers New York at 6:00 PM. Present were Al Santariga, Paul Greco, Anthony (last name unknown), Alan (last name unknown), Ed (last name unknown) and myself (Bryan Bowden). We broke into two cars for the 30 minute trip to Theills N.Y. Al took Ed and Alan in his car; while I took Paul and Anthony I mine.

I was rather happy that the predicted inclement weather did not show and we arrived at 6:40 PM. Since none of us had been to this location and information that I researched was not plentiful, we all were at a loss of where to go at this sprawling 2,100 + acre property. I do commend Anthony for doing the most research on the property as he knew of areas that were reported as having Paranormal and he did have a hand drawn map of landmarks and where we should be going. We did find a location off of Ridge Road to park and prep for the Investigation.

Investigation started with Al doing the protective blessing first with Sage (where each person and their property were Saged, along with the cars. We then gathered in a circle, arms around each other for the blessing. At this point Al went totally blank reciting the “Our Father” prayer and other members of the group picked up and finished the prayer. NOTE – I have a total respect for all religions, even if I do not follow them. With that said and being of the Jewish faith, I am not totally verse in the full “Our Farther”, Nonetheless, I did remember most of it and said it along with the group. I personally contributed with a Travelers Prayer – which is used as a protector against evil; And Paul had the group finish with three Ohms.

We decided to start off at the building, which is directly across from a small homegrown church (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Parking, Paul Photo and first building

We all entered the First Building around 7:00 PM via a side opening. Both Al and I were using the Ghost Radar Application. This seems to be a 2-story building that looked like offices than any type of medical or care facility. It was an absolute mess covered in papers and debris, which spanned from modern devices to days of old. Peeling pain and lots of destruction. I could only imagine how much of it was caused by the many kids that frequent the area and use these building as a hang out. Once I got inside I noticed that there was an immediate hit on the Ghost Radar app. Which outputted 7:06 pm ENTER. I let Al know of this and said “I think were just invited inside”. While investigating I continued to get output of words from the application but nothing that really seemed relevant at the time.

GRL Output for First Building Investigation

❖ 7:06 pm THIRD
❖ 7:06 pm MISTAKE
❖ 7:06 pm ENTER
❖ 7:08 pm REMARKABLE
❖ 7:08 pm CHICAGO
❖ 7:13 pm AHEAD
❖ 7:15 pm CIRCLE

❖ 7:17 pm CORNER
❖ 7:17 pm BASIC
❖ 7:23 pm FELLOW
❖ 7:24 pm DRIVEN
❖ 7:25 pm AWARE
❖ 7:26 pm COTTON

This investigation lasted for about 30 minutes. After which we decided to focus the rest of our investigation on the Hospital location, as that is the area with which most reports of Paranormal activity are found.

On the way back to the cars we were greeted by a local security person (Name withheld). She starts by letting us know there are reports of kids causing damage in the area and to stay out of the buildings. She seems a bit hostile but Paul seems to get her back to reality with this soft spoken voice. She seems to realize that we aren’t here to cause any problems but to investigate the facility. It also helps that ech of us are wearing out BPS shirts.

We started up a conversation with The Guard about the facility, what we do, and if she had any type of Paranormal activity or experiences. The Guard obliges by sharing her experiences of getting the “Willies” and “Chills” a few times, but makes it a point to tell us about seeing three pillars of mist form on the field by the hospital. She ends the conversation and we move on to the Hospital Area.


We arrived at the Hospital area at around 7:40 PM. We parked the cars next to a smaller building on the main Circular roadway next to a large open field and former playground (swing set and some sort of ball court). We use the time to Fuel up and get our bearings and game plan ready. There are a few kids inside the building making a lot of noise and causing some form of destruction. Al made a call to Cindy. He informed her of where we were and what we were preparing to do. Cindy mentioned that there was not only the spirits of the people that were in the Hospital there but also that she saw a lot of death, fighting and blood in this area. She stressed that the fighting was very old and there was a lot of bodies buried here. She made a reference to armies, solders, war but she could not put a figure on which time it took place. I asked if she could see uniforms or material on the clothing and she mentioned a few things that seem to lead to Revolutionary war time periods. It was at this time I mentioned the Baylor Massacre and the bloody events that took place not that far from this location. She responded positively to this reference but added there was more to it here. A quick search of the area reveals the bloody history of the area (between Natives as well as during the Revolution) and – General “Mad” Anthony Wayne who was in command in this area.

We ended the call and headed out to investigate the interior. I turn on the GRL app as Al and I head for the left most entrance. We are trying to figure out the best way inside when the GR outputs the following words:

7:54 pm SLIP
7:55 pm AROUND

We look to our left and around the overgrown trees is a ramp up to the building. We head inside and are greeting by what looks like a walkway on the left divide by a wall with a large hollow room on the right. At this time the Ghost Radar (GR) outputs the following:

❖ 7:58 pm HOLLOW
❖ 7:58 pm WELCOME

Again, I turned to Al and said “I think they not only know we are here but they have welcomed us in”. Both Al and I started our own (individual) EVP session. I was also going live with a broadcast on periscope. We tried to contact a one of the people that Cindy mentioned to Al that we would encounter. As we both moved around the rest of the team joined us in the building. Not too sure of when or why but each of us ended up separating and going our own ways. Eventually I met up with Paul and we headed down to the basement area where we found what looked lie a dentist office. It was at this time that I conducted an EVP session with Paul. Both Paul and I were using our own equipment: Paul used his camera (Video Mode) and I was using my digital recorder as well as the Ghost Radar app. I made it know my hatred for the dentist due to the pain and all the expense associated with it. The GR app outputted the following words during the session:

❖ 8:07 pm PAY
❖ 8:08 pm POPULAR
❖ 8:09 pm ADDITIONAL
❖ 8:11 pm GRAPH dental area
❖ 8:11 pm NATURE

Our team eventually reassembled in the basement by the dentist office and we traveled as a group from the point forward. The basement was filled with room after room of medical areas. Eventually we traveled a long hallway that led to the Cold Storage (Slabs) and I conducted an EVP session.

Continuing forward we found ourselves in a very large tiled room that gave me the feel of an Operating room. Inside the room there was a large open space followed by a flat table like surface with a very old television on it. (Note – this room had one annex on it to the back, which was a dead end. So there was one way out and in.) It was in this room that we tried to contact the Dr. that Cindy told us about. I also did a little play using Paul as a subject for a medical procedure. During that procedure all of us heard some popping noise and other sounds. And it is also here that a very large conduit seemed to move by its self. We tried to figure out how this happened and even tried to debunk its movement but given the size of the object and the force one would have to place on it in order to make it move, we found no way to do either without it being know by all in the room.

***A note of importance regarding our time in the Operating Room.

It was also in this room that we discovered a Ouija Board on the table next to the Television set. What makes this so interesting and important is the fact that when I first entered the room and exampled every corner and object in this room. I did not see a Ouija board or anything but the television set on the table. Further, all members were asked if they brought the Ouija Board with them and then placed it on the table. Each member stated the same answer – “NO”! Given that there is only one way IN and OUT of this area, and no other person had gone past us while we were in this room/area; the question remains: “How did this Ouija Board get there? Could something have placed it there in hopes that one, or all of us, would use it to open a portal and communicate or let someone or thing in? I don’t know, but I do find this one of the strangest parts of this Investigation.

During the Operating Room part of our investigation we seemed to have a series of events or activity. Actually we had most of our activity in this room. And the GR application actually captured a lot of bleeps and words. The following output of words and bleeps were captured by my units.

❖ 8:43 pm SHOP
❖ 8:55 pm FAR
❖ 8:55 pm GOES
❖ 8:55 pm ELECTRIC

9:13:23 pm​9:13;26 pm​9:13:39 pm
9:13:26 pm FRANK
9:13:39 pm FACTORY

9:13:52 pm​9:14:06 pm​9:14:13 pm

9:14:06 pm STORY
9:14:13 pm CUSTOMS

9:14:19 pm​9:14:20 pm
9:14:19 pm READY

We did try a total ‘Lights Out’ approach in the OR in order to see if we could get some form of contact but to no result. I had a large black light that I used during this session in order to see anything that could not be seen in the natural lighting. The results were nothing out of the ordinary.

We continued the investigation up on the third floor. It was there that we encountered a group of young investigators (four young men and one young lady). I think we might have scared them a bit. A plus to the investigation, and meeting this other group, was their sharing of some video and audio evidence that one in their group captured and the village a few weeks back . We stayed on the third floor for about 30 minutes. As it was starting to get late, and the other investigation group was working the building and would contaminate any evidence we got, we decided to rap up our investigation, head back to the cars – looking to walk the dark main road for a while. My last output from the GR app as we were exiting the Hospital was as follows:

❖ 9:38 pm NATURALLY
❖ 9:39 pm TINY

Letchworth Village 5/16/2015​ Bryan Bowden Investigator

We hit the parked cars and started up the long dark main road. At this point we notices a car with spot lights across the way doing a search. Clearly it was a police car and we cut or losses and headed back to the cars. I did manage to get some Blips and Words from the GR app but the investigation was over.

10:44:55 pm​10:45:36 pm​10:49:53 pm

10:45:36 pm​10:50:14 pm​10:50:20 pm

10:50:14 pm​10:50:27 pm​10:52:00 pm

It was time to get some food and discuss what we experienced.

Letchworth Village 5/16/2015​ Bryan Bowden Investigator


Ghost Radar Legacy
*From 5:08 – 5:13 I was getting prepared to head over to meet the team. The following is a list of output by the GR app. I took notice of the output but did not connect the dots till I finished the investigation. It looks to me as if something knew where I was going and gave me a brief cliff-note of what was going to happen (Traveling to the site) and the Objects I would encounter including the history and happenings there.

❖ 5:08 pm CLOTH
❖ 5:09 pm FIREPLACE
❖ 5:09 pm EVENT
❖ 5:09 pm JOURNEY
❖ 5:09 pm LAKE
❖ 5:11 pm SO
❖ 5:11 pm NEWS
❖ 5:13 pm CENTURY
❖ 7:17 pm CORNER
❖ 7:17 pm BASIC
❖ 7:23 pm FELLOW
❖ 7:24 pm DRIVEN
❖ 7:25 pm AWARE
❖ 7:26 pm COTTON

Ghost Radar Legacy and Connect Word Output and time

5:08 pm CLOTH
5:09 pm EVENT
5:09 pm JOURNEY
5:09 pm LAKE
5:11 pm SO
5:11 pm NEWS
5:13 pm CENTURY
7:06 pm THIRD
7:06 pm MISTAKE
7:06 pm ENTER
7:08 pm CHICAGO
7:13 pm AHEAD
7:15 pm CIRCLE
7:17 pm CORNER
7:17 pm BASIC
7:23 pm FELLOW
7:24 pm DRIVEN
7:25 pm AWARE
7:26 pm COTTON

7:54 pm SLIP
7:55 pm AROUND
7:58 pm HOLLOW
7:58 pm WELCOME
8:07 pm PAY
8:08 pm POPULAR
8:11 pm GRAPH
8:11 pm NATURE
8:22 pm QUEEN
8:31 pm ST.
8:43 pm SHOP
8:55 pm FAR
8:55 pm GOES
8:55 pm ELECTRIC
9:13:26 pm FRANK
9:13:39 pm FACTORY
9:14:06 pm STORY
9:14:13 pm CUSTOMS
9:14:19 pm READY
9:39 pm TINY
10:50:14 pm PLANT
10:50:27 pm NATIVE
10:52:00 pm RUBBED

Color Coding​.

Ghost Radar Legacy

Ghost Radar Connect


There was talk amongst the team that this place was “Creepy” and that it would get even more Creepy when it gets dark. In the majority of the time I was on the investigation, even times when I was on my own, I did not get a bit nervous, scared, freaked out, or upset. I actually found the entire time in Letchworth Village as normal or uneventful – Event after finding the Ouija Board. And I’m not sure if this is a normal way to feel but in our world, what truly is “normal”?

The caviat to the above statement was only one time which lasted for no more then 5 seconds. The event location was in the basement on the back end of the elevator shaft area. I was passing by this small section to hook back up with the team that was just a few feet away from me, when all of a sudden, I got this feeling of the Willies. It lasted no more than 5 seconds and it just felt “Not Right”. And just as it happen – it ended. I discussed this with Al and he too said that he got the same feeling in just about the same area. I suggest that the next time we are there on investigation that we look into this.

I am not sure this place is really haunted as described and reported by many. Mater of fact, I do feel that most of the reports of hauntings and activity are the product of Legends and Folklore more so than sprits. The mind and psyche does work wonders on many. Just ask Hollywood and all them horror film directors. I do think there is something going on; but that requires further visits to the property.

Lastly, a few days after the Letchworth Village investigation I was home changing my shirt when my wife asked me what happened to your tummy? I had no idea what she was talking about but when I looked down I had two nice bruises on the left side of my stomach just above and to the left of my naval. I didn’t bump into anything, nor get caught on anything. So , I do not know how they got there but they were there. Do they relate to LV? I don’t know. But if I get the chance to ask Cindy about them – I will.