Letchworth Village Insane Asylum Investigation.

On 12-30-14, I was contacted by a friend who told me about two of her friends’ experiences in Rockland County, New York at Letchworth Village Insane Asylum which was closed down in 1996 due to patient abuse.
She told me these two stories :
In December 2014, while the two women where walking through the cemetery, they began to hear moaning all around them. This scared them, so they left.
The women went back the following weekend, but this time they actually went in to the main building of the asylum. It is unattended, and open to the public. Before they went in, they both shut off their phones and closed them in their purses. While walking around in the main building, one of the women began to hear murmuring inside her purse. When she opened her purse, she heard a voice saying hello coming from her phone. When she picked up the phone and asked who it was, she was surprised to find that it was the Rockland County Police Department. He told her that they had received a call from her phone asking them for help, but then the phone went dead. So he was calling back to see if she needed their help. She asked him if it was a 911 call. He said no, the call had come in on the main phone line. She explained where they were, and the Police told them to get out of there.
My friend wants me to take her there with my BPS Team to investigate the facility. I have suggested this to my Team and the overriding response was yes. So it looks as if we have an investigation that is big enough for the entire Team to take part in sometime in the near future.
My second interview was with a group of college students that had recently visited Letchworth Village Insane Asylum. They told me about their experiences. The two men were pushed in the back from behind. The two women both had their hair pulled. At that point they chose to leave the asylum.
My third interview was with a couple of guys who consider themselves amateur ghost hunters. When they went to Letchworth Village Insane Asylum, they were in the cafeteria. They said that even though every other building was dilapidated, the cafeteria looked as if they had just finished serving lunch that day. While inside the cafeteria, they saw a chair being pulled out from under a table, and then pushed back in place as if someone had just gotten up from eating lunch. Then they said they saw a wheelchair roll past them as if someone was in it. At that point they chose to leave.
On 5-16-2015, the Bronxville Paranormal Society went to the infamous Letchworth Village Insane Asylum in Rockland County, New York.
Letchworth opened in 1911 as an orphanage, but then became a hospital for patients with turberculosis. Eventually it became an asylum for the insane, which was closed down in 1996 due to inadequate funds and inhumane treatment of the patients.
We started by taking photos of the grounds in which Paul Greco caught many orbs on his new digital camera.
Then we headed to one of the administrative buildings where orbs were captured not only by Paul but by me, as well.
We decided to go to the main hospital where Bryan Bowden, Team Tech Expert, streamed the investigation live via Twitter. Before we went in, Bryan and I checked our digital voice recorders to make sure they were working properly. But, at the end of the investigation, neither one of our digital voice recorders actually worked. We both thought that was very strange.
Inside the hospital, we ran into a group of young investigators who caught an EVP of an old women who was asking who invited them in there. Our psychic, Sandy, said that there was an old women who was very powerful and that she liked to scare people out of there. Sandy believes that the old woman’s name is either Lillian or Lilith. Sandy also told us about a doctor whose name begins with the letter B. The young investigators told us that the doctor’s name was Bruno. Sandy also mentioned a young boy named Stanley who plays with a blue ball. Sandy also talked about a woman administrator whose name is Rebecca, but was called Reba.
Investigating the basement, I caught a strange light anomaly in 3 of my photos. In the first photo, there is a blue mist on the floor with a point of light in the middle of the hallway. In the second photo, the blue mist is getting smaller but the light anomaly is getting bigger. In the third photo, the blue mist is gone but the light anomaly has morphed into a blue ball with lightning shooting out of it. When I enlarged the first two photos, I could see a face that sort of looked like an old woman. I also captured a ghost-like figure on the ceiling.

In the operating room, Sandy said we would find a board game that started with the letter O. She thought it was Operation, but it turned out to be a Ouija Board. Bryan and I had not seen it when we first went in there. Behind Alan a pipe hanging out of the ceiling began to move violently, but a rope hanging right next to it did not move at all. Anthony noticed it first. When we all turned around to check it out, then turned back again, the Ouija Board was on the table like it just magically appeared.
While examining my photos, there seemed to be shadow figures at the end of the hall looking back at me. Paul’s photos of the operating room were amazing because there were so many orbs that it looked like it was snowing in the room.
Outside Paul caught a mist in one of his photos, and orbs following us around the grounds. I caught a light streak next to one of the buildings and what looks like a face in the tall grass.
We never got around to the cemetery so we decided to go back some time in the near future.
The week before the investigation, I began to have dark dreams which is something I’ve never experienced. When I spoke with our psychic, Sandy, she said that I was seeing the old woman’s thoughts, and that the old woman was insane, but harmless. Sandy also told me that the old woman knew we were coming, and was very excited to show herself to us. Also, Sandy said that there was no dark energy; just a lot of negative energy from all the lost souls.
Back inside, the ghost radar was showing us spirits all around us, while saying many words – too many to remember. At one point, I asked Paul Greco to take a photo of me because the ghost radar showed two spirits behind me. When Paul reviewed the photo, there were two orbs behind me – a big one and a small one. Sandy said that it was the old lady and the young boy. After that, every time I asked Paul to take a photo you would see the spirits take off in different directions on the ghost radar, then come back after the photo was taken. Photo results to follow in the near future.
The whole time that we were there, I never got a creepy vibe from the place. Even after Alan said, while we were in the administrative building during the day, that this place was going to be creepy at night, it never really was.
When we got there, I tried to do a protective prayer, but my mind was scrambled. I couldn’t get the words out, as if I were being blocked by something. Thanks to Ed, Bryan and Paul for jumping in and bailing me out.
Thanks to our psychic, Sandy, for helping us. I know that this investigation took a lot out of her with all the lost souls coming to her all at once. I know it took her 48 hours to recover from this one. You’re the best, kiddo.