November 1, 2014 : Ghost Investigation by Bronxville Paranormal Society at Sam’s house in Pine Bush, New York :

First we went to the cabin to scout out a location to film for later that night. While we were there I called the psychic and walked the perimeter of the property along the stone walls. The psychic told me that there was a lot of energy in certain locations. I tried to trick her and told her that I had moved. But she told me that the energy was the same and asked me if I had been testing her; we laughed. I started to walk up the stone steps to the Swiss chalet . There she said that the energy was the strongest and we would get photos of orbs in that location. From there we went back to the main house to start our ghost investigation.

We did our walk-through to get our base line readings on the EMF Meter for the electromagnetic field. Then we set up the flashlights in certain rooms, and the balls and bells. Next we walked through with the dowsing rod and the quartz crystal, but had no success with either one. Also, we walked through with the digital voice recorder parabolic mic, night vision goggles and EMF Meter.

I haven’t had time to check the digital voice recorder with the head phones yet, but there are no audible voices.

The entire time, Bob was filming with his H.D. camera. I haven’t heard back from Bob yet, so I don’t know if we caught anything on film. We also took pictures with 35mm film and digital film but I haven’t checked them yet.

We didn’t see anything with the night vision goggles nor hear anything with the parabolic mic. But the EMF Meter was going crazy in the hallway around Anthony’s head; in the second bedroom, around a photo of Pope John Paul II ; in the bathroom ; in a corner of the kitchen pantry; and the garage. At this point I decided to call the psychic to see what she had to say. In the living room she had seen an older couple watching television. In the first bedroom she described an elderly women. In the second bedroom she described an old man in a uniform who had passed away. At this point I decided to test her again. I told her that I was in the third bedroom, but she said, no, not a bedroom, but the dinning room. She was correct . She said that she saw two people eating there.

In the kitchen she saw a young mother from the 1950s cooking with a young daughter by her side. She said that the young girl was following us around the house.

Then I went to the garage and she told me that this place did not feel like the rest of the house. I told her that it was an add-on that came much later. She said that there was a ” shadow person ” who was living in the garage and that he had just shown up there. We had to cleanse the house and garage or this figure would move into the house and haunt the new owners. So we did.

Back in the house she sensed that there was an old man in the bathroom, and in the hallway a high energy about as high as a person’s head.

In the second room, I told her that the image which she was seeing was of the Pope in all his vestments. In the first room the image she was seeing was Sam’s aunt.

In the hallway the EMF Meter was going off around Anthony’s head where she felt it.

In the bathroom Sam thought she was seeing his father toward the end before he passed away.

The Psychic and Sam talked on the phone for quite a while.

When she was finished, I believe she had been very accurate. She really impressed us.

We never got back to the cabin due to the inclement weather. So, we will go back in the near future to do the investigation of the orbs, sky watch and Sasquatch. I will update this story when we are able to go through all our equipment.

Thank you.

Al Santariga, Founder

Bronxville Paranormal Society

On 11/11/14, I went through my evidence and this is what I found :

1. In the bathroom on both the digital voice recorder and the parabolic mic, we caught the sound of electrical discharge which was audible at the time.

2. In the bedroom which had the photo of the Pope in it, on both the DVR and the parabolic mic we caught banging on the wall that was audible at the time.

3. In one of the bedrooms I caught on my digital camera an orb that was lit from within. At first I thought it was the moon because it was so bright, but then I realized that there was no moon out that night due to the rain. So I looked at it again under a magnifying glass and it turned out to be a orb

On 1/7/15,
I received word from Bryan, BPS Tech, and Frank, BPS Adviser, regarding photo evidence and EVPs that we caught at our Pine Bush investigation. According to Bryan and Frank, the orb that was captured in the second bedroom was indeed an orb. They both tried to debunk it by putting it through their Photoshop software, but were unable to do so. Regarding the EVPs, Bryan put them through his voice analysis software. He was able to clean it up and capture the electrical charge that was audible at the time and the banging on the wall in the second bedroom.

When I asked the question, “What is your name ?” we captured the name Mark in reply.

In the first bedroom I asked the question, “Do you want to communicate with us ?” and we captured an old woman’s voice saying no. It turns out that we also captured some popping sounds and a tapping noise.

Al Santariga, Founder
Bronxville Paranormal Society