On 5-5-14, I went to the Ninham Mountain stone chambers in Kent, New York. This is what I experienced there :

At the first chamber, my compass worked great outside, but inside the needle pointed in the wrong direction.

When I arrived at the second chamber, I was getting ready to do the compass test outside in front of the doorway when I was hit with a blast of cold air coming out. I thought that was strange since there is no way for air to come out from there. Then a bush to my right began shaking violently as if someone were shaking it. So I went over to take a look thinking it was an animal, but there was nothing. So I went inside and started to take pictures, hoping to catch an orb or something, but had no luck.

But when I started to do an EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena ) things changed. The first chamber became very cold so that I could see my breath. Then I felt a small warm soft hand touch my arm, and I received an image of a Native American female in my mind standing behind me. I was drawn to the back of the chamber where I asked the question, ” How many chambers are in this area ? ” I went outside to check my photos. I also checked my voice recorder and to my surprise there was a tapping noise on my tape. You couldn’t hear me talking any more. I counted 17 taps. I’m not sure, but she may have been answering my question about the number of chambers.

Al Santariga, Founder
Bronxville Paranormal Society


Last Wednesday night, 5-28-14, I had a dream that I was at the stone chambers with another person (a male). I could not tell who this man was. I could not see his face and I did not recognize his voice. But I was under the impression that it was either my brother, Frank; my friend, George; or my boss, Paul. This man was telling me that he never has any premonition or gut feelings. I told him not to worry, that everybody experiences them at some point in their lives.

As we approached the stone chamber, this person stopped me in my tracks and told me that he couldn’t go in. He had gotten a gut feeling in the pit of his stomach and he was not going into the chambers. I told him okay, don’t go in.

The next day at work my boss, Paul, told me that he had the craziest dream last night that he and I were at the stone chambers. He got a feeling about not going in. I told him that was a coincidence or synchronicity because that’s what I dreamed about last night, too. He asked me if that was a premonition, and I told him yes.

That same day I went to speak to Ellie who is coming with us to the stone chambers. I told her that story. She said that was strange. Her brother, Big Jim, had a bad feeling about this investigation in his gut and he might not come as well.

On Friday I got a phone call from a psychic friend in Arkansas. She asked me what I had planned for this weekend. I told her about the stone chamber investigation. She told me that the night before she had a premonition of me leading a group of people into the woods. She said that I was protected by a bright white light that surrounded me.

She asked me who were the two men in the group who didn’t want to be there. I asked her to describe the men. She said that one was big in stature, and one had a big title. I told her that my boss is the manager of my station, and Big Jim was about 6 foot 5 inches tall. I told her about the dreams that my boss and I had. She said that we had connected at a subconscious level and that it was a direct connection. She told me that we would experience something at the chambers when we went on Sunday, and that the two men should not come with us because they both had fear at a sub-conscious level. That kind of fear you can’t control. If there were a ” presence ” there, it would feed off the fear, and it would attach itself to one of them. I told her that I was going to say a white prayer and that I had sage, holy water and holy oil to protect everyone. She told me that was fine for everyone else, but not for the two men.

I asked her what kind of experience we would have. She told me different energies will have different experiences. She also told me that whatever is there is not confined to the stone chambers and that it lives in the woods. If the two men went and stayed outside and just admired the chambers and took pictures, they would still be in harm’s way. So we told the two men about the psychic’s vision and let them decide whether or not they wanted to come with us. Big Jim said he would heed the warning and stay home because he already had a bad feeling from the beginning. Paul, my boss, said he was still undecided and would make his decision on Sunday morning when he woke up.

I spoke with Paul Greco, the Founder of the UFO Roundtable, and he told me that I shouldn’t deprive these men of their experiences by not allowing them to come and that the decisions should be all their own. So that’s what I did. I left it up to them. I will post more on Monday after our investigation is over. Wish us luck and safe passage through all the chambers that we investigate.

On Sunday, 6-1-14, we went to the stone chambers in Putnam County, New York and did our investigation.

We had 10 friends show up and we went to six chambers all together.

At the first chamber, no one felt any kind of energy.

But when we reached the second chamber we were told by our friend, Sean, that a Reiki Master had told him that this one had big energy. Everyone felt the difference right a way so we started with everyone taking pictures. Then we did EVPs, the compass test, and the temperature test. We found out that all the chambers are a perfect 60 degrees, no matter where they are.

But the strangest thing was when I put on my night vision goggles. We began to see letters and strange symbols on the wall like they were painted on with invisible paint, but only in the x-ray vision mode of my goggles. Kathy and Sean thought they knew everything there was to know about the chambers until they put on the goggles. They got very excited.

At the third chamber we found a long series of letters on the wall. Through the goggles, they looked as if someone had sculpted them, but nothing was visible to the naked eye – – no marks on the stones, nothing.

At the fourth chamber we found the face of the devil in one of the stones, but you could only see it through the goggles. There were no marks on the stone, like it had come through the stone from the other side; very scary. Everyone was excited about it. This must have been what the psychic had warned us about – – a very dark energy in that chamber.

At the fifth chamber my cousin, Valeria, heard music but no one else could hear it. So I went in with her. She said that it had changed to a bass line like someone was outside playing a bass guitar through the stone wall. I put my hand on the wall but felt no vibrations coming through.

I told her that it was meant just for her because she wasn’t supposed to come with us that day; only her husband, Sal, was supposed to be there. We spoke about it later and I asked her if she thought that it might be her brother, Daniel, coming through. Daniel was a good musician. He played lead guitar and bass guitar in his band. On the night he passed away, he was playing bass guitar in a club. She said, yes, that she believed it was her brother letting her know that he is still with her.

At the sixth chamber I saw through the goggles on one of the stones a bulbous skeleton head, like a Grey Alien’s head.

That night when I went to sleep I had the window open, and a strange burst of air blew in that woke me up at 3:00 AM. That was followed by two bright flashes in the night sky that lit up the whole yard and my bedroom. At that point I felt that something was in the yard. Then I heard the strangest hoot. It was so strange that it woke my wife out of a deep sleep. We listened and it did it again. Then my wife got scared and told me to shut the window and lock it. Then it happened again ! This time it sounded like it was coming right through the bedroom wall. When I got up to look outside, by the time my feet touched the floor I knew it was gone. I just felt it disappear. By the time I got to the back door and put on the flood lights, there was nothing there. Strange night indeed ! The next day I checked for footprints and found nothing. So I saged the house and the property.

al santariga


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